Frenco International
Frenco International are world leaders in the manufacture of spline plug and ring gauges, for involute, serration and straight sided splines, also master gears spur and helical.

The same high standards are employed to produce low volume (splined and geared) components for precision applications, many to an accuracy of three microns. To facilitate a rapid response while maintaining high precision, regardless of challenging lead times our design office is fully equipped with the latest CAD based technology enabling technical data in most formats to be easily shared. Frenco design spline gauges and master gears to meet with the customer's requirements in various materials and coatings all of which can be supplied with UKAS certification from our new state of the art Wenzel CNC - WGT 350 gear analyser.

With a global customer base, including world class motor racing teams, aerospace, defence, automotive, and many other industries. – More than 80% of production is exported through a network of selected international agents offering expert advice to customers. With the stability and strength of this truly international service, no-one is better equipped to deliver world class measuring solutions for transmission manufacturers.

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